Weekly Check-in (4)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your forbearance over the past week or so. For anyone who read last week’s blog, you will have guessed that I have lost someone who I cared about a lot. The lady I lived with before I got married, Margaret, died last Wednesday morning. Although in many ways it was very beautiful, it was, of course, also incredibly sad, and I was really upset.

This week, after a weekend in Retford, I am starting to feel a bit more normal. I would give this week a 5/10, all things considered.

On Friday night I had a meal with lovely friends in Formby- homemade pasta and tasty wine lifted my spirits somewhat!

Then on Saturday I went over to Retford and went to my friend’s hen do in Nottingham. We played crazy golf and it was so good to do something fun and blend into the crowd a bit. On Sunday morning, I got to preside at my home church in Ordsall (blog to follow!) but needless to say, it was just amazing! Even though I managed to mess up the running order, nobody seemed to mind too much, and it was still very special.

Me with Sue, the Vicar, and David, the curate, at All Hallows, Ordsall

I came back to Formby on Monday morning and the rest of the week has been prep for New Wine (see here) and the funeral.

The highlight of the week for me was Tuesday when I had a coffee and a spontaneous trip to Sports Direct with one good friend, and a skype chat with another. I went to sleep feeling very loved and supported. Recently, I’ve been feeling particularly blessed to have a handful of really great friends. There have been times in my life where I’ve had a bigger number of people who I’ve spoken to on a regular basis, but I’m increasingly realising that what it comes to friendship, it’s about quality, not quantity. I am so grateful to have strong, wise, Christian women by my side, offering words, prayers and such great, top quality friendship.

Anyway, I’m leaving for New Wine today- that came around quick, didn’t it?!

Off to pack up the car, set my out of office email and make a start on my second talk.

Ciao for now!

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