Weekly Check-in (3)

This post is going to look quite different to weekly check-ins 1 and 2.

That is because this week has been devoted to one of the most wonderful women I ever met. She was a guide, mentor and Formby Mum to me, as well as the first friend I made when I left home and began my curacy.

It’s been a tough old week, but I wanted to post anyway. As you will notice from the cover photo, I’m not even in my study today because I have barely been in there all week.

No doubt there will be time for more reflection at some other point, but for now, I want to quote a grave stone in St Peter’s churchyard, which has often brought me comfort:

We would not call thee back again

Our loss is thy eternal gain

Thy bright race on earth is run

We weep and say, thy will be done.

The only thing left to say about this week is that ministry is such an honour. Being with people in the best and darkest moments of their lives is a tremendous privilege, and something that can only ever be done through God’s goodness.

Right, it’s Friday night, and it’s time to clock off.

Much love x

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