Weekly Check-in (2)

Hello again!

This week has probably been a 6/10. It’s been slightly heavier than last week, and the diet hasn’t been as successful, but there have been lots of good bits, and the week got gradually better overall.

After I posted last Friday, Nathan and I spent the afternoon with Nathan’s Mum, Dad and brother on their canal boat, called Puffin! It was a great way to end the week. I’ve done a couple of barge holidays with my family and I’d forgotten how great it is to slow down and relax on a gently rocking boat for a few hours!


We then went to the rugby in St Helen’s. Not only did Saints smash Wigan but I also managed to drive in some pretty heavy traffic without too much stress- win! After the baptism of a family friend in Warrington on Saturday, we went back to Formby ready for church the next morning.

With the day off over, here are some themes from this week: people who don’t know what a difference they make, new orders of service and the last week of term at school.

People don’t know what a difference they make

Something that has struck me of late is how small actions can have a big impact without us even realising it.

I felt such care from the people at church on Sunday morning. I don’t even know if they know how welcome and loved they make me feel! But they do, and it’s the little things that make a difference.

I’m also aware of individuals who shine and light up the world by their constant warmth and strength, regardless of what’s going on around them. You’re a star- you know who you are!

But there’s also little actions that can unintentionally cause distress to others. Everyone is fragile, and we need to remember that. As the saying goes: In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

New orders of service

Over summer, at Holy Trinity, we will be preparing for the arrival of our new table. I saw the designs for this table when I first looked around the church three years ago, but in the Church, these things have to be agreed by all kinds of committees. Anyway, in the autumn, a new, portable table for bread and wine will finally be with us. So over the holidays, we are looking at the time Jesus spent around one table or another.

I have been pulling together bits of liturgy for the order of service. I like planning and working out which words can go in what order. It’s such a creative thing, but there are clear guidelines about what we should and shouldn’t do. I am beginning to think that creativity within a framework is where I work best.

The last week of term at school

If you ask my Mum and Dad nicely, I’m sure they could show you several home videos of end of year concerts. In those concerts, I was always the child stood trying to sing the super emotional song while gulping back tears.

In year 2, it was ‘Goodbye, old school, we’re going away, goodbye, old school, we’re leaving today’.

In year 6, it was ‘It’s not the end, it’s a new beginning. Though we’re apart, deep in our heart, we’ll stick together, good friends forever, we’ll stay as one’. (Made particularly difficult by my very best friend heading off to a different secondary school).

With increasingly fewer songs, this continued to secondary school, Uni, year in London and then most recently, the tear I shed as we drove down the Bailey to move from Durham to Formby. If you haven’t picked up on this already, I find goodbyes hard.

It shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise, then, when on Wednesday evening, I stood in the school hall, listening to year six sing ‘So I guess it’s nearly over, now I’m wiser and I’m older’ and I cried.

It wasn’t even me this time! But as I watched the children cry, I completely understood how they felt. They’ve been in that school, in that class, for 75% of their lives. This is a huge change. But I fully believe that as daunting as it seems, God will continue to be with them and guide them as they move forward onto the next phase of their life.

This morning, I spoke at the school end of year service, talking about how we all have our own race to run, and that God has given us each the gifts and talents to run it, whatever comes.


It’s a tough one this week. Year 3 and 4 visited church, I got a haircut and the snazzy stylus pen came for my laptop. But I think my highlight has to be going to Formby Hall with Nathan for afternoon tea.


We aren’t in the habit of disappearing off for cake, cocktails, scones and prosecco in the middle of the week, but I got a voucher for my birthday and it was a lovely excuse to use it.

Over and out!

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