Weekly Check-in (7)

Hello from a much less snotty Poppy! I am feeling so much better than I was this time last week, and I am giving the week 7/10.

The last seven days have been full of birthday celebrations and seeing family, as well as winding down for our two weeks of leave which began yesterday.

On Friday, Nathan and I went to Retford for my Dad’s birthday, which was lovely. We introduced Nathan to Damon’s which is a long time favourite of the Richards family! Particular highlights are ribs, pina coladas and onion loaf!

When we got back on Saturday night, Nathan and I were chatting and I said that I might cook him a roast after church, at which point, he laughed! I was determined to show him that I could do it!

On Sunday, I led the service at St Michael’s, which is always a joy. On the way home I nipped into Tesco to buy stuff for a roast. I got home and set to, and I think it turned out alright!


On Monday evening we went out in Warrington for Nathan’s Dad’s birthday, which was also lovely- we all had really good steak in a very nice restaurant called Harvey’s.

On Tuesday, Granny and Grandpa came over and we went to Don Luigi’s, an italian in Formby, for tea.

The more I think about it, the more I notice that this week contained a lot of food!

On Tuesday evening I baked scones and macaroons for the Holiday at Home event at church. The scones turned out well, the macaroons did not.

Tip with regards to macaroons: add food colouring and flavouring after you have thoroughly whisked the egg whites, not before, otherwise the peaks won’t form and the mixture will be too runny.

macaroon blob

Then on Wednesday evening, Nathan and I had two of his parishoners over for dinner which featured tomato & mozarella bruschetta, beef & date tagine with couscous and affrogato for pud, which is ice cream, coffee & liquor.

In between eating nice meals and seeing lovely people, stuff at church has been alright. We are changing the way we do the Parish Magazine so that’s taken up a fair bit of time, as have various other bits and pieces.

So that’s about it really! I am very excited to be on holiday for two whole weeks! We’re off to Greenbelt today and then Yorkshire after that.

Ciao for now!


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