Greenbelt Eve!

I woke up this morning, rolled over and gleefully said to Nathan ‘It’s Greenbelt tomorrow!’

This is a very exciting day and the year long wait is nearly over!

Today is Greenbelt Eve and in our house, this involves scanning through the schedule on the app again, packing many bright clothes, shopping for snacks and eating pancakes. We have made sure that our out of office emails are on and we will be packing the car shortly so we can make an early start in the morning.

Today, it feels to me like I’m getting ready to go home. Greenbelt is comforting, beautiful and home to me in a way that nowhere else is. It’s just got this atmosphere of peace and acceptance.

I’m also very excited to see lots of friends and family over the weekend. There is much catching up to do!

And I am looking forward to being challenged. On the list of things to bring with you, Greenbelt suggests ‘curiosity’. I like to be stretched and engage with new ideas.

When I come home on Tuesday, I might be a bit smelly and probably a couple of pounds heavier from all the tasty food! I might have some new books to read and it’s possible that I will have had a Crazy Goat cider (or two!). But mostly, I know that when I come home on Tuesday I will have had my mind stretched and horizons broadened.

So, that is why Greenbelt Eve is one of the best days of the year. Getting ready to go to one of my favourite places is just lovely.

And just in case I hadn’t said already, it’s TOMORROW!


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