Thank you

This week I have noticed that the combined total of WordPress and email followers on my blog is 100! So, I just want to say, ‘thank you’.

I mostly write for myself, whatever that looks like, and I share just in case people are interested. A couple of months ago, I wrote my Honest blogging post about resolving to tell it as it is and trying to blog on a weekly basis. Since then, I have noticed that my following has increased quite a bit, so thank you!

I’m delighted that 100 people directly follow Rev Poppy as I continue to muse about adventuring through my 20s, my ministry and my marriage, as well as various other random things!

I was at the funeral of a friend about a year ago and I got chatting to someone from school who told me about a conversation between her and some of her colleagues. Now, this person was in my friendship group, but kind of on the other edge so I don’t actually think I’ve seen her since I left school. She said that someone she worked with was suggesting that vicars have an easy life. She responded that someone she knew (me) is in training and that it’s far from easy, quoting a load of things I have talked about in my blog.

I was really flattered and struck by this so I’ve remembered it ever since, because if I have an ‘audience’ in mind, as such, it’s people like that. People who wouldn’t necessarily say they go to church but are vaguely curious about what I can possibly do with my time.

I’m also really passionate about ‘de-jargon-ising’ the church. We have so much language which is unhelpful to outsiders, and I want to keep away from that. If I ever start using words and phrases like Min Div, DMPC, suffrogen, exegesis, SIAMs, filioque, or random canon laws*, without explaining what I mean, please just tell me to pipe down!

I’ve never really invited comments before, but if there have been any posts that you especially liked or if there is anything you want to see more of then please do comment or get in touch.

As always, feel free to follow via the email and WordPress buttons below!

Much love, and thank you again,



*There are places for all of these things, they’re great, but this blog isn’t it 🙂

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