Weekly Check-in (29)

At the end of the longest week ever, I am so pleased that it’s Friday!

This week is getting 6/10. The reason that it’s not higher is this: January just drags. I’m fed up of it being cold and I need a little bit more sun.

Anyway, less moaning about the weather and more of the good stuff. On Friday we went to Retford, which was lovely. I loved seeing everybody, but a special highlight was Bingley bounding out of the front door when we arrived to say hello! We were there to see a couple that I am marrying in May, so I did some marriage prep on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday I took the service at St Michael’s and then went on to Holy Trinity to sing in the band. Several of the hymns were about calling this week, which meant that I sang I the Lord of Sea and Sky twice! It was a lovely morning. Afterwards, Nathan and I hopped in the car and went over to Chester for the annual meal with Granny and Grandpa at The Coach House. This is a little tradition that we started at Christmas time when I was at Uni but we now tend to go in January when the madness of the season is over.

The rest of the week has involved driving a friend to a hospital appointment, taking a funeral, getting frustrated with an Asda order that was late when I needed to get to the Christian Unity Morning Prayer, wedding preparation x3, Alpha (where the technology didn’t work), a Churches Together meeting, writing my final curacy report, an afternoon with Gran & Mum and having my hair cut.

One particular highlight is that the Holy Trinity carpark has been transformed and is now in use again! It really does look so much better.

My weekly star this week is Isabelle, my sister. Last week she sent me a box of my favourite Graze snacks and over the last few days I have very much enjoyed munching on them while working at my desk. She’s also got lots going on, what with full time work, and being the lay vice chair of a newly formed parish of two churches which is going to go into interregnum in the spring! She’s also an all round good egg, very funny and a huge support to me, always.

That’s it for this week. Love and prayers.

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