10 ways to bust those January Blues

We all know that January has got about 3 times as many days in it than any other month. Can you believe that it’s only 23rd?! Some people seem to think that January is flying by, but not by my reckoning!

So if you, like me, feel that the cold and drizzly month that is January is never ending, below are some things that I have found useful to take my mind off it:

  1. Do something for someone else, someone who has less than you do
  2. Curl up with a book and a hot chocolate.
  3. Have a pamper; a bubble bath, a gold face mask and getting my nails done are just some of my favourites.
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Cook some comfort food. There is nothing we love like a big bowl of bacon & mushroom risotto.
  6. Start a new project. I’m doing the 2020 reading challenge and attempting to read a book a week throughout 2020. No doubt I will fail, but I’m really enjoying the challenge and the excuse to do more reading for pleasure!
  7. Keep busy. I have a mega spreadsheet with everything I need to do listed each day. I find that steadily working through this has helped January go slightly faster than it might otherwise have done.
  8. Do that bit of hinching (cleaning) that you’ve been meaning to do – trust me, you will feel so much better afterwards! 
  9. Light a candle. I’m really into candles at the moment, and I’m about to venture into wax melts too! I often light a candle in my study and I find that it’s so lovely and cosy to have a candle burning as I work.
  10. Cut yourself some slack. If you’re struggling, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just be honest with yourself and do what you need to do in order to get to spring.

Much love, Poppy.

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