Weekly Check-in (28)

Hey everyone!

I’m blogging from Retford today, hence the photo of Bingley at the top!

This week gets a score of 8.5/10. It’s been a good week.

On Saturday, Nathan and I had a chilled day off before going to a Christian Aid ceilidh in the evening. In the end, much to my dismay, we left early because we had church the next day.

Throughout this week various things have happened. I’ve done 4 visits, Alpha started back up, I preached on Wednesday, on Thursday Holy Trinity hosted a Local Houses of Prayer meeting, I got new glasses and after an email about a meeting in which I may be signed off from curacy, I had a good chat with God about what he wants me to do next.

My weekly star for this week is Ray. I have known Ray for a couple of years because he goes to St Peter’s. He is always smiling and chatty, and he is so upbeat despite the challenges he faces. Due to illness, Ray is confined to crutches. Ray came to the ceilidh at Holy Trinity on Saturday night and he joined in. Even when we did a ‘4 handed star’, he high fived us all as we went round in a circle. What a star! 

Next week I am looking forward to the New Beginnings wedding prep session, offered to all couples getting married across Formby. We have been working hard by going through the material, and I’m excited to meet some of the wedding couples. 

Ciao for now!


Sunday was really lovely. I presided at 8.45 and preached & presided at 10.45. I finished my sermon by reading an edited version The Father’s Love Letter and it went down really well. After the service I went for lunch with 2 friends, which was great. There are lots of good conversations happening at the moment and it’s very exciting!

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