Weekly Check-in (30)

Happy, bitter-sweet, pleased that this month is nearly over but let’s try not to think about what’s happening at 11pm, Friday 31st January!

This week is getting 7/10.

On Saturday we saw our friends Josh and Ash and our Goddaughter. We had Mcdonald’s and watched Inside Out. It was a lovely day off! I celebrated at Holy Trinity on Sunday morning and in the evening we went to the Week of prayer for Christian Unity service.

On Monday morning, year 4 from Trinity St Peter’s came to do a bird watch on the church grounds. This was to hep us with our Eco Church award application, and we all had a great time!

The rest of the week has been pretty standard; meetings, Alpha, services, supervision, sermon writing, a migraine and a visit.

One particular triumph this week was sourcing 36 of our favourite migraine tablets from 2 pharmacies in Formby. They were out of stock in Britain for over a year and now they’re back (but who knows how long for!). Thankfully, I purchased the tablets about an hour before my migraine struck, which was brilliant timing! I was even well enough to make meringue nests for the dinner we were hosting that evening.

This weekend we are having a day to ourselves (it’s much needed, as we looked at our diaries last week and worked out that we had 5 evenings in together in 4 weeks, including days off – whoops!).

This week, my weekly star is definitely my training incumbent (vicar boss), Mark. He is solid when I need him to be and good at giving advice. He’s pastorally sound and when the St Michael’s heating broke in the autumn, he encouraged everybody at St Michael’s to stretch out a hand and pray over the boiler which was, quite frankly, amazing. Since the heating has since miraculously started working again, I think it has really encouraged people in their faith as well as making church much nicer to be in!

Anyway, I hope that however you’re feeling about the fact that we are leaving the EU today, we can all more forward together and work to heal wounds across our divided nation.

Love & prayers, Poppy

2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in (30)

  1. Oh, Poppy! Time for some prayers over the migraine medication! I’ve been through that and no one can imagine the kind of pain that is the migraine. It sounds as though the med works for you, at least. Prayers that the supply chain stays solid! As for time together for you two, keep watch on that. The Lord doesn’t mean for your love to take a back seat, and speaking from the experience of serving with my husband in our old age, I can vouch for that! You are two lovely people and servants of the Lord. He means for you to thrive – and as you thrive, the people you serve are blessed even more. God’s blessings on all that you do!


    1. Thank you so much! You never fail to be so wise and kind 🙂 thankfully, a weekend away at a friend’s house has been cancelled so it means we’ve got an extra 2 evenings just us 🙂 x


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