Weekly Check-in (31)

It’s going to be a bit of a short one this week. Mostly because it’s Friday afternoon and I’m ready to clock off!

So this week is getting 8/10. It started with a trip to Ikea on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I preached at St Michael’s, Redgate and the 6.30 at Rosemary Lane. I don’t usually publish my sermons but it was one of my favourites so I blogged about it here. It seemed to go down well and at PCC on Monday night, people were quoting it back to me!

On Monday afternoon I had my curacy sign off meeting with the Bishop. I won’t lie, my hand shook with nerves as I lifted it to ring to doorbell. But an hour later, I left feeling so encouraged and with a letter that says that I am qualified to lead a church!

Tuesday involved a morning in the office, a meeting about the upcoming Bishop’s meeting in York and an Alpha session. I’m enjoying Alpha. This is the second one I’ve done in a row and we’re gradually getting towards that point where the group gels. It’s lovely.

On Wednesday I took two communion services and then drove to Northampton for a Cell Group retreat. We have these retreats four times a year and I always leave feeling much better than I did when I arrived, as well as being full of thoughts and ideas. On the way home on Thursday I popped into Retford to surprise my Mum, Dad and sister. I spent three hours there and avoided rush hour before landing back in Formby at about 9 last night.

My Cell Group

Today I have waited in for a mystery parcel (mystery now solved – it was the smart watch that came free with my phone), I have been to Southport Hospital to see a poorly parishioner, done some admin and hoovered both sets of stairs (win!).

My weekly star this week is Jenny, a member of my cell group. She became a fully fledged vicar 6 months ago and she is absolutely bossing it! She has so much love and care for her people, it’s really inspiring.

Next week I am most looking forward to meeting up with a new placement student and the New Beginnings wedding prep session on Thursday night. I’m also looking forward to a day off with Nathan.

That’s all for now! I’m off to run a bath and order a chinese.

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