There’s this table

A table that was born from words heard by open ears

A table that was made from a tree that grew in a wood for years

A table that was crafted using tools and heat and paint

A table that meant the DAC really made us wait!

A table that is a humble place to meet, eat and sing

A table that is a place to encounter a heaven sent King

A table that is full of love bursting, groaning, growing

A table that welcomes all to drink from a cup overflowing

A table that’s not just for us, but for all who are out there

A table that we take into the world with bread to share

A table to go beyond our walls, to your work, your school, your street

A table where all are invited to come and share and eat

A table that is built for those with everything and nothing

A table that belongs to him, the poor man and the king