Weekly Check-in (32)

Happy Valentines day, all! The picture at the top is how I found my desk this afternoon! Nathan is a sweetie.

So, this week: 6/10. It’s been fine, but I’m feeling quite tired and I’m in much need of a rest.

Anyway, my vicar boss has been down with this nasty virus thing so I did a mad-dash Sunday morning and took 3 communion services. Running from church to church in that rain when both west windows/doors developed leaks was not the most fun. In the afternoon I snuggled up on the sofa and had a big nap.

This week has been fairly standard. There was a local clergy meet up, Alpha, a meeting with a placement student, a standing committee meeting, clergy chapter, a wedding prep session and a funeral visit. I’ve done lots of admin, mind-mapping and thinking. I also had a skype with my good friend, Philippa and had Spiritual Direction.

I’ve noticed that our move to Aintree suddenly seems a lot closer. I think that’s because we’ve had removals quotes this week, so it’s starting to feel very real!

The highlight of my week was taking assembly at Trinity St Peter’s. I made over 200 pieces of card which said ‘You bring God joy’ on them. At the end of the assembly, I gave them out to each child and asked them to pass it on to somebody who needed to know how much they mean to God. The theme of the collective worship at school this month is joy and so I’m hoping that those cards will have spread some joy this week!

The weekly star this time is Gill. She is in charge of the wedding prep course which Nathan and I help to run, and she’s just fab. Despite being poorly and having a very raspy voice, she did a great job of session this week. She always makes people feel so welcome and at ease. She is a star.

So, as is quickly becoming my Friday night ritual, I’m off for a bath and a glass of wine. Tonight Nathan and I are having a Valentine’s dinner to ourselves and tomorrow I will be having a really long sleep in.

And as it’s Valentine’s day, I just want to say that whether you’re single or not, married or not, happy or not, don’t forget to tell the people you love that you love them. People are precious and time goes fast.

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