Weekly Check-in (36)

Just a very quick one from me this week, as I’m in the middle of the last of the Bishop’s Missions in York Diocese. It’s quite a full program so I am snatching a couple of minutes to write this in the middle of schools work, youth cafes, ceilidhs and craft events!

This week gets 8/10. It’s been fairly busy with lots to think about. It has consisted of: 2 eco church meetings, a dinner party, services, visits, Alpha, the Rule Of Life actions being filmed at school, arranging two funerals and Granny and Grandpa visiting to give Nathan a bit of practice in the car.

Weekly star: This week it’s Julia, who we are staying with this weekend. She is super creative, dedicated and prayerful. We are very grateful for her hospitality and I know that she is such a blessing to her vicar and church because she is such a hard working, thoughtful person who helps out in all kinds of ways! She does everything from prayer stations to guitar classes to putting up two random clergy from Liverpool!

Prayer: I have of course been praying a lot about all things coronavirus. It’s interesting trying to do a mission in these circumstances – I am getting better at the ‘elbow bump’ but upon seeing someone from university for the first time in ages, I forgot myself and tried to hug them before remembering that it’s a no no! But in all seriousness, I am really praying for people who are scared and even more isolated than usual at this time.

That’s all for this week, and I’ll post more about the mission later.

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