Weekly Check-in (39)

Happy Friday everyone! What a beautiful day! And what a shame that being in lockdown means that we cannot enjoy it together.

Anyway, this week is better than last, and it’s getting 7/10.

Good things that have happened this week: I have announced that I am moving on, I have met some new colleagues, I had zoom brunch with my cell group and a chat with another good friend. I have spoken to lots of people from church and very much enjoyed saying morning and evening prayer via GoTo meeting. Today I went out and drew a prayer walk in chalk down the side of church which, in the spring sunshine, was a complete joy.

On the other hand, on Sunday morning when I stayed at home instead of going to church, I really felt like I had lost a limb, or a vital organ. It was so strange. I am also really missing being able to visit people in their homes. So overall, the week has been good because I have begun to adjust to this new and strange way of life, but it has not been without difficulty.

The weekly star this week is David. He is a retired minister who works all over the world teaching in Universities. At the moment, he is based at home in Formby, but he has had online meetings this week across four different time zones! In all that, he has still found the time to put together a service for next Saturday night, film it, organise candles for it, wait for me to film my bits and put it all together in a video. He is an utter legend, and when I move on I will miss working with him very much.

I just want to reflect on the wonderful response I have had to the news that I have got a new job! People in Formby seem to be really pleased for me, and I feel very welcomed by those in my new parish. In terms of a start date, we have no idea when I will take up my post. It depends on how long the lockdown lasts for.

Looking to next week, Holy Week, I just can’t get my head around the fact that we won’t be in church. As some will know, I usually blog every day of Holy Week about what I’m up to and the services I am doing, but whatever I end up posting about, it will certainly look very different to last year!

More next week 🙂

One thought on “Weekly Check-in (39)

  1. It is so refreshing to read this. Most people are having a hard time during the quarantine but you seem to be making the most of it and turning your face to the sun. So awesome job. It is also strange here, the Holy Week being postponed. I feel it will sadden many seniors especially. But we hope for the best.


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