Holy Week in a pandemic: Good Friday

9.30am I didn’t wake up until ten to nine this morning so I jumped out of bed, got dressed, cleaned my teeth, threw on some mascara and turned on the computer for Morning Prayer. I had a chat and a pray with Mark, which was lovely. I’m now going downstairs to attempt to make hot cross buns!

10.20am This is another thing that would never usually happen in our house during Holy Week! I have baked hot cross buns! But friends from college shared a super easy and quick recipe (video here) and, as we had all the ingredients in, I thought I’d give it a go! The buns are due out of the oven at half past and I can’t wait!

Not bad for a first go!

11.15am You might have guessed that I’ve not been looking forward to this weekend much. I thought that the Easter Story would be somehow diminished by our communities being so dispersed. But I should not have been so sceptical. Already, and it is only just past 11, I have enjoyed watching and joining in services from many different churches and contexts. The format, the words, the settings and the circumstances may vary, but the truth of the story is the overwhelming constant.

12.47pm Our assembly/all age worship went live at 10 this morning. People seem to be enjoying it, even if it is mostly us being daft! Link here.

3.30pm It was strange to not be in church this afternoon and the 3 o’clock mark could have been easily missed. But I was listening to Nathan sing along to St Peter’s Hour By The Cross as our Friday afternoon video went live. Our readers are fab, and they led the reflections and prayers beautifully.

19.25pm This afternoon has been a bit of a slower one. I’ve sorted out the social media pages, gone for a walk, had the daily family video call and made tea (finish and chips with homemade curry sauce).

I’m thinking about Good Friday, and I don’t have a lot to say that hasn’t already been said in the videos, blogs and posts from many Christians today. I just keep thinking of how Jesus was alone so much on that Thursday night after the last supper. He prayed alone as the disciples fell asleep. He was alone as the disciples then fled. He was alone and imprisoned overnight. Jesus knew what it was to be isolated, scared and anxious.