Holy Week in a pandemic: Easter Saturday

9.30am As Saturday is usually our day off and there was nothing particular to get up for, we are having a slower morning. I have shared the reflection for the day on the Facebook pages (link here if you’re interested).

I’m trying to work out what to do today. In his between-awake-and-sleep state, Nathan occasionally asks questions. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are beautiful, sometimes they are daft! Today he asked ‘what do I need to do today?’ to which I said, ‘probably not alot, you can go back to sleep for a bit’.

His question makes a lot of sense to me. What do we need to do today? The services are already recorded and will be released online at the appropriate time. We can’t go anywhere or see anyone. Usually we snatch a bite to eat in the cafe near St Peter’s on Holy Saturday because we’ve been so busy that we’ve barely seen each other all week. That’s not the case this time! I think, what we can do today, is rest and pray.

7.50pm So rest and pray we did! We did emails, kept an eye on the phone and got ready for tomorrow. We watched the vigil service at 7 (you can see it here) and I’ve just got back from the most beautiful walk as the sun began to set. It seems to me that the world is waiting for the sun to rise again.

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