Weekly Check-in (40)

Hi everybody!

I didn’t do a check-in last week because I was blogging every day in Holy week. So I suppose we’ve got a bit to catch up on!

This week get’s 6/10. I am grateful that there seems to be a bit more of a rhythm this week, but in many ways, as we all know, things still suck.

So, Holy Week happened. By some miracle, we put out more reflections and services on Youtube than we would do in a normal Holy Week. So many people seem to be getting a lot out of the online services, so it’s very much worth doing. But I have to say, the only thing harder than Holy Week in church is a Holy Week not in church.

On Easter Day morning, Nathan and I watched the St Peter’s service from bed and then watched the Holy Trinity & St Michael’s service downstairs in our pjs. I worked out that these were actually the first Easter Day services we have ever been to together!

On Monday we had a lazy morning and a bit of a chill. The rest of the week has involved lots of phone calls to parishioners (37, to be precise), writing and filming a sermon, daily walks and doing a bit of shopping for one of Nathan’s parishioners. I’ve enjoyed the weather and the gorgeous blossom that is starting to fall.

I have also cooked lots, read lots and I drove Nathan to a funeral on Wednesday. I’ve had daily video calls with my family, brunch with my cell group and gin with Anne & Ted over Zoom.

I’m really struggling to pick just one weekly star this time. So many people are doing lots to help others and I am just loving how communities are coming together. I think, on balance, though, I am going to pick my friend Joan. Joan is in the vulnerable category and has a letter from her Doctor so she is isolating. I called her this week and she said that although she’s sad that she cannot do more to help people, she can call the people she does know, make sure they are okay and pray for our world at this time. As I have been saying for weeks now, everyone can do something to help!

I won’t lie, my heart is not rejoicing at the thought of another 3 weeks isolation, but I know it’s for the best, and there’s no point in undoing all the good work that has been done so far. We’ve just got to pray that we can keep as safe and that the time goes quickly!

More next week.


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