Coronavirus thoughts (4)

This blog is dedicated to the person who I’ve never spent so much time with before… my lockdown buddy, my isolation partner, my husband.

You might recall that back in January I worked out that we had four nights in together over a four week period, including days off. I was outraged and cross with us both for allowing our diaries to look like that. But right now, over six weeks into lockdown, it’s hard to believe that was ever a reality!

At the weekend, sat on the sofa one evening after another quiet day, Nathan turned to me and said ‘I know this is an awful situation… but it’s quite nice to spend so much time together isn’t it?’

And he’s not wrong! It is lovely to spend so much time together. I won’t lie, at the beginning of lockdown, I imagined that seeing so few other people would really annoy me, but actually it’s so nice! Nathan and I so often get the dregs of each other, the last few drops of the bottle, the bits left over after we’ve been busy looking after other people. But, as I’m on furlough and Nathan has very few evening meetings, it’s not at all like that at the moment.

Right now, we have more time for each other and more head space. It means we are bickering less, have very few arguments and we are feeling really content with each other.

The other night as I was going to sleep, I felt really guilty because right there and then, everything was so right in my world. I knew the in other homes across the world, country and area, that was not the case. I felt guilty because my little bubble in that moment was calm and peaceful.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I went and sat in Nathan’s study, watched him work and asked him over and over again ‘what ya doing now?’ for twenty minutes because I was bored, he might not have been so fond of me.

And when he was downstairs on Saturday morning for a suspiciously long amount of time and it turned out that he was in fact eating his own left over Dominos, plus gobbling two slices of my pizza, there might have been a fiery exchange of views.

Oh, let’s not forget about the time that the ginger cake batter that ended up splattered all over the toaster and the tiles above it!

And, this morning, Nathan thought I was crazy when I suggested that he gets the bath mat incredibly wet (we’re still working on that one!).

But overall, I am loving this time together. Yes, we have both had a couple of wobbles over the past few weeks. I’m sure everybody has found themselves feeling overwhelmed, scared and unsure recently. But for me, I’m so grateful that I’m in lockdown with Nathan, because I’m loving spending more time with him and he’s pretty great.