Weekly Check-in (46)

Well, what a week! 10/10!

Hello from the new vicar of the Church of the Good Shepherd, West Derby! And hello from Aintree Vicarage!

We spent this weekend packing, I came off furlough on Monday, we moved house on Tuesday and on Wednesday I was licensed!

I think my reflection over this last seven days is how amazingly kind people are. We have been so well looked after by people in Formby as we were leaving, Aintree as we were moving in and West Derby Deanery as I was licensed.

3 pots of chilli and rice, a beef pie, pasta, cupcakes, blueberry pancakes, fresh strawberries and copious bottles of wine are just some of the things we have been given over the past week. Not to mention the van full of furniture given to us by Sue, the vicar from my home church! This stuff was moved by my Dad & Isabelle, and we are so grateful because it is just what we needed in our new house!

To be honest, right now, I’m very happy but really tired. So rather than describe it all in detail, here are some photos from the week:

New keys!
Paper & boxes!
A zoom licensing
A laughing vicar

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