Weekly Check-in (45)

So, in the last week things have sped up some what and we going to be moving to Aintree on Tuesday! This will be a short one as I’ve got a bed to dismantle, a study to pack up and most of my clothes to pack!

So, here are the answers to some questions:

Yes, I will still be licensed on Wednesday. Yes, I do know we are in the middle of a pandemic. Yes, because of said pandemic, we are doing most of the packing ourselves. And yes, we are crazy!

We are currently up to our necks in the boxes, parcel tape and tissue paper that the removals company dropped off on Tuesday. It’s not ideal, but it’s a good use of the last week of my furlough and it’s a great excuse for a clear out! We’ve also managed to give the new house a good clean which means that it’s almost ready for us to move into, and we have also been taking a car load of stuff with us every time we have driven over.

We have been inundated with kind offers from people. From food, to another local minister offering to drive Nathan to a funeral, to lots of furniture being given to us by my vicar from my home church! People are being amazing even though nobody can physically be with us to help us pack. We are so grateful!

Overall, this week is getting 6/10. It’s been really great, and really scary. I have felt very stressed and also very well held by God. I feel excited and nervous in equal measure.

So, that’s about it from me.

Just to say that my weekly stars are Marge & Ken, who, upon hearing last week that we were struggling to get moved, offered us the use of their van to get some of the larger things set up at the house in Aintree.

Right, off to dive into some more boxes!

More next time 🙂

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