Weekly Check-in (44)

Happy Friday… from Aintree!

One big thing that happened this week is that we got the keys to our new house! It’s lovely, light and gorgeous, and it needs a bit of a clean. So this means that during my spare time I’ll be getting the house ready for our move, which might happen in the next few weeks! The photo at the top is taken in the sunny, completely empty living room in our new home.

And the other huge thing that happened this week is that Nathan was licensed as vicar of St Giles! On Sunday we said a very emotional farewell to St Peter’s, and Nathan was overwhelmed by all the messages that he got, from the cards through the door, to the messages on Facebook, to the words from friends during the Sunday service (see here). He was certainly feeling the love, and very grateful to everybody who wrote, called or spoke over the last few weeks.

The licensing itself took place over Zoom on Tuesday evening. It was very special, even if it was very different to what we had always imagined! We sat in Nathan’s study together and watched as people from St Peter’s, St Giles, the Archdeacon, the Bishop, Polly, Martin and Daniel appeared in little boxes on the screen. The service included formal welcomes, legal bits, signing pieces of paper, a reading, sermon and prayers. Afterwards we joined a slightly bigger group on Zoom and raised a glass to the new vicar of St Giles!

What with all that excitement, you wouldn’t think that there would be time for much else! But, as well as being Nathan’s taxi driver a couple of times, I have managed to have a few video chats with friends, a Zoom spiritual direction, and had video calls with my family every day. I’ve also finished Searching For Sunday and A Prayer For Owen Meany. I’m now about half way through A Contemplative Minister and The 24 Hour Cafe but after getting access to the new house, reading has slowed down some what!

So, overall, a good week. It’s getting 7/10. I can’t bring myself to give it any more because the situation with regards to lockdown/furlough/coronavirus is just rubbish. But I’m learning to cope, and having a new house to think about is a welcome distraction!

My weekly star this week is David from St Peter’s, who put together that beautiful video for Nathan on Sunday. It was so lovely that it made me cry, and the way that the picture of St Peter’s faded into a picture of St Giles at the end was just fabulous!

Anyway, more next week, when it will be my last week of furlough!

Poppy 🙂

Nathan and me, just before the licensing

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