Weekly Check-in (48)

Hello and happy Friday! This week gets 7/10.

It’s been a good week with lots of different things in it, but I’ve had migraines most afternoons or evenings which hasn’t been much fun.

But, there has been far more good than bad!

On Saturday we had a quiet day doing more stuff with the house. We finished off the living room and kitchen which has made us both feel much more comfortable.

On Sunday I managed to be in 4 different services at once; Christ Church Norris Green, Holy Trinity & St Michael’s, St Giles and the Good Shepherd!

Monday involved a Cell Group chat, a coffee with our OLM, Sandra, and a chat with my new treasurer.

I went out and about delivering again on Tuesday because some of the people signed up to Christ Church Food Pantry live in my parish, so I got to knock on doors and deliver goodies! Food Pantry is slightly different to Foodbank. Food bank is a crisis service, whereas Food Pantry is like club for regular members and the food is designed to complement a weekly shop. Christ Church set up a new Food Pantry a few weeks ago and so I help out by taking parcels to people who are shielding.

Wednesday morning was Foodbank again, and this week we gave out 24 people’s worth of food. I am really enjoying Foodbank so far, and I can’t wait for things to be up and running as they normally are so that we can provide tea and toast and have more of a chat with the customers.

Thursday was full of Zoom meetings: Triple C Staff meeting, L11 Clergy and Clergy Chapter. I also had a phone conversation and a wander around Croxteth Park with another local minister, which was very much appreciated after so much time spent looking at a screen!

Today we finally have the internet working and a connected phone line! Hooray! I’ve also stitched the Sunday service video together and it is uploading as I type. This evening we are going over to Formby for a socially disctanced BBQ. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we’ll be seeing our friends from Chester.

I just want to say, in the interests of Honest blogging, this is all great, but it is also really overwhelming. Churches reopening, funerals, risk assessments, deep cleaning, agreements with outside organisations who also use the building, etc, is a lot to get my head around. I’m getting there, but it’s all new and scary. Everybody said that the jump from curate to vicar was huge, and I think I’m beginning to glimpse just a bit of the hill that I am starting to climb.

Anyway, my weekly star this time is Ceri. Ceri is my step-cousin and she is currently in North Wales with my Aunt & Uncle. Ceri has made so many big tasty dishes of food for my Granny & Grandpa over lockdown, taking requests and regularly turning to up make sure they were getting everything they needed. I’m so grateful, and I want to take the opportunity to say what a star she is!

More next week.

Poppy 🙂

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