Weekly Check-in (49)

Hello and Happy Friday!

Nathan and I are having two days off this week, this being the first, so it’ll be a short one today.

This week gets 7/10. It has involved seeing friends, a standing committee and a BBQ (all taking place in the garden with social distancing). I’ve also taken a funeral, delivered eight packages for Food Pantry and helped out at Food Bank. There have been various zoom meetings and lots of filming for the services on Sunday. Spoiler alert: this week’s intercessions involve Canva graphics and music! (link here)

The house is getting there, slowly. The Vicarage starting to feel more and more like home, but when we went to Formby to pick up Nathan’s new laptop on Wednesday, it was really weird. It’s definitely hard to have moved house and finished a job in lockdown without seeing anybody properly. I definitely miss it. But, as Nathan says, we are where we are, and we’re both really enjoying our new roles, even if it is such strange times at the moment!

Anyway I’m going to leave you with a picture of the canal at the bottom of our garden. We went for a walk one evening and it was just delightful. I can’t wait to have people to stay and show them around our new home.

God bless.


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