Weekly Check-in (53)

Hello and happy Friday!

It’s going to be another quick post today because we’re prepping for a socially distanced BBQ with friends.

Anyway, this week: 6/10.

At the weekend we went to see our mates over the water and had a lovely time seeing our Goddaughter, who is more and more grown up every time we see her! Sunday, as you know, involved Easter Day at St Giles, followed by a traditional Easter Day meal of roast beef Sunday lunch.

The rest of the week has involved meetings, paperwork, spiritual direction and prayer walking. There’s also been lots of filming and video editing for the next two Sundays because Nathan and I are taking a week off starting this Sunday evening. Yesterday I drove to Retford and back for the funeral of a friend from my home church. It was a sad day, but the service was beautiful and it was great to catch up with people.

Today I had a really exciting delivery; the new chairs for my study have arrived! I wanted chairs that would complement each other where I can (eventually) sit with people and have a chat. I have to say, they look even better than I expected! Let me know what you think.

My Little Win this week has been the arrival of the hand-sanitising stand. Although I have had nothing to do with the making or funding of this, it’s weirdly made me feel so much more prepared for opening the building in a few weeks time. A huge thank you to Alan for making it, and to Barry for paying for it!

The Weekly Star this time is Liz. Liz is my warden and she has been shielding for the whole of lockdown. In normal times, Liz is also the verger at the Good Shepherd, working really hard to keep church nice and doing so much behind the scenes. We had a big chat the other day and she was so encouranging, and I just know that we are going to work really well together.

More next time 🙂

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