Weekly Check-in (54)

Hello! Happy Friday from a vicar who has had the last five days off!

As I’ve been on leave for most this week, is getting a solid 8/10.

On Friday I finished editing the services in good time and we had a lovely BBQ with friends from Formby. Saturday involved doing very little apart from get ready for holiday. On Sunday, I delivered newsletters in the morning and then went for a chat with a friend who is a retired vicar, and so had much wisdom to impart!

We set off on holiday at about 5 on Sunday evening and a couple of hours later arrived in a gorgeous little town called Wirksworth (blog to follow). We’ve had a lovely few days, including celebrating Nathan’s birthday, and now we’re home to spend the weekend working in the garden and house.

The Little Win of the week was on Sunday morning when delivering the newsletters. I do this about once a fortnight and this time I managed to deliver 4 without using my satnav. I have a terrible sense of direction and it takes me ages to learn a new place, so I feel really chuffed about managing those deliveries without help!

The Weekly Star is the lady from Wirksworth Framing Company who got a picture framed for us quicker than she normally would because we were only around for a few days. Fab service and a beautiful present sorted!

So, more next week, when the check-in will inevitably be much longer than this one.

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