Weekly Check-in (55)

Hello from my brand new desk! The old one, which was featured at the top of many Weekly Check-ins, came with me from Retford and I had had it since I was about 9! It was a little on the small side, so last week I treated myself to a newer, bigger desk and I might use my old one as a dressing table.

Anyway, moving on from desks. This week is getting: 5.5/10.

We had a lovely couple of days at the weekend pottering in the garden. We filled three large garden waste bins with weeds, grass and the like, and we barely made a dint in it. The new garden is really big and some of it is very overgrown, so it’s certainly going to take some time.

The rest of the week has involved coffee with friends, a ‘new in post’ meeting with the Bishop (which went really well), Food Pantry, Food Bank, filming for Sunday and then editing the videos. I have also finished the risk assessment for the opening of church next week, although, because of Mr Johnson’s announcement this morning, it is already out of date.

Yesterday afternoon I went back to Formby and had my hair cut. I decided that things were stressful enough without being in a new environment in a mask and making small talk for an hour or so. I decided to go back to my hairdressers in Formby and it was lovely! I got to catch up with some friends too; Mark & Sam, Emily & Paul, Anne & Ted. I came away feeling so happy, it was definitely the highlight of my week!

Today I have had a kind of retreat day. After all my reading on furlough, I resolved to have a retreat day once a month when I became a vicar. Today I have alternated between reading and gardening. It’s been great!

The Weekly Star this time is Liam. He came to church when Foodbank was open to help us set out our chairs at a safe distance before we open for worship next week. He also did other little jobs that we needed doing, and I’m super grateful.

My Little Win isn’t really ministry related, but it is a sign of the times we are living in. We are our food delivered again! We used to get an Asda shop delivered every week or so, but we stopped when lockdown started because we knew other people needed deliveries a lot more than we did. But now things have progressed a bit, we have bought a Morrisons delivery pass and our first shop arrived on Tuesday night!

That’s about it from me this time.

God bless,


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