Weekly Check-in (59)

Hello and happy Friday.

It’s really hard to give this week a rating. In some ways it’s been good, and in others, it’s been really tough. I think I’ll take an average and give this week a 5.

I think part of the reason that I can’t give my weeks very high ratings at the moment is because I have really high expectations of myself. I expect to be able to make a difference and get things sorted quickly. Starting a new job in lockdown inevitably means that things move even more slowly than usual. It’s just a bit frustrating because I would love to be reaching out into the community, rebranding, advertising and making every effort to encourage the congregation of The Good Shepherd grow. But I can’t because as things stand at the minute, if 50 people were to turn up to a service, I would have to turn half of them away!

Anyway, right now, I’m on leave for the weekend. Normally we’d be at Greenbelt, but due to obvious reasons, the festival is online this year. So we are spending the weekend at home, watching the online stuff and having our own festivities. We have got a keg of our favourite Greenbelt cider and we’re hosting a BBQ on Sunday for our family. Today, I’ve been cleaning the house in preparation and I managed to take myself off for a bit of retail therapy, which was so nice.

The rest of the week has involved the service on Sunday, video editing, lots of filming, a funeral, Foodbank, Food Pantry, a couple of video chats and various bits of admin. I’ve also been able to show a couple of friends around church, which was lovely.

Weekly Star is Sue from Formby, who I have renamed ‘Auntie Sue’. We met up for a pray and a coffee, and we went round church, praying in and blessing each space. It was one of the best moments I’ve had in church so far, and I am really grateful. I felt so encouraged and supported. What a star!

My Little Win in ministry this week was taking my old desk over to church and getting set up with a small work space, just for me. Thanks to Gerry & Nathan for doing the heavy lifting!

Anyway, off to pour more cider!

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