Weekly Check-in (58)

Hooray for Friday! This week: 6/10.

I’ve often heard it said that August is a quiet time for those who work in churches. But that is yet to be the case for me! Normally, August involves New Wine and Greenbelt, but even though these things aren’t happening in the same way, it still feels busy! With five funerals in sixteen days, life is far from quiet!

As well as two funerals, this week has involved a day off in the garden, our second week back in church, taking my first communion service at The Good Shepherd, a flying visit to Retford for my Dad’s birthday, Food Pantry, Food bank, two zoom meetings, filming for Sunday, an afternoon spent with Granny & Grandpa and a call from my lovely goddaughter this afternoon.

The Weekly Star is John, who, since the day I met him has been nothing but utterly supportive. When we chat, we share stories and get to know each other. I love going to visit him because he always knows just what to say if my confidence is dipping. This week he said that he knew I could help the church to grow, and to remember that ‘the one who calls you is faithful’ (1 Thessalonians 5.24). It was just what I needed to hear. He also suggested that we put up a banner which says ‘come and meet our new vicar’!

The Little Win in my life this week was taking over the leading of a funeral with four days notice. The person who was originally going to be taking the funeral has had a family illness and so I volunteered to do it instead. A couple of years ago, it would have completely thrown me. I would have been so anxious about taking a funeral at short notice, in a church I didn’t know and driving myself to a cemetery the other side of Liverpool. Although I was a bit nervous (it’s always good to feel a few nerves, I think), overall I felt confident and honoured.

So, that’s it from me for now. I’m off to pour a gin before heading to a BBQ with Nathan.

Bye for now!

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