Weekly Check-in (73)

Happy Friday peeps!

I had a slow morning, so I’ve done most of my work today this afternoon. That means I’m a bit later than normal, so I won’t take too long!

This week gets: 6/10.

There’s been so much going on and I think I’m still tired from Covid. But the highlight of my week was Sunday morning. I preached at the joint service at Christ Church cabin and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, it was also pretty great when the Bishop’s zoom glitched at the Clergy Retreat Day and he sounded like a rapper! Like the true legend he is, he’s named himself MC Bish! The clergy of the diocese definitely had some much needed rest and laughter on Thursday!

The rest of the week has involved a meeting about fundraising, new vicar training, Foodbank, deciding what to do about Christmas, a meeting about a mental health policy for our charity, an evening with my wonderful cell group, delivering advent prayer candles to the congregation and putting plans in motion for the mission event on New Years Eve.

My Little Win this week was opening church for prayer on Wednesday afternoon. It was quite a last minute thing, and because of that, advertising was last minute. I had very little faith that anybody would come, especially as it was the first week. But then a lady who I delivered a food pantry parcel to came! I was delighted! We had a lovely chat and I think she appreciated being in Church.

The Star this week is new Foodbank volunteer Steve. He goes to Queens Drive Tesco each Wednesday morning to pick up the yellow label items that Tesco don’t need. He’s such a hard worker and makes a huge difference to the team!

Off to start cooking tea. We’re having chicken and butternut squash curry – yum!

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