Weekly Check-in (74)

Friday night happy face! 😀

This week gets 7/10.

It’s been a good week with all sorts going on. Even though it’s a much quieter Christmas than the last three, my To Do list seems to be as long as ever!

On Sunday morning, I went live on Facebook with the church notices and then went over to Norris Green for the service.

Monday involved a funeral prep meeting and admin for the click and collect Christmas fair.

On Tuesday I had a meeting about the online Christingle service, did six Food Pantry deliveries and had my hair cut – about time! Like I did in Formby, I’ve decided to go to a local salon right near church, wear in my collar and call it community in engagement. I have to say, it was a thoroughly delightful couple of hours!

Wednesday was super busy, with Foodbank helping to feed 36 people, church being open for prayer and training to be an Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands. This will involve journeying with people who think they might have a call to get ordained. It is super exciting because Nathan and I have both been asked to be part of the team and it’s something we’ve both always wanted to do!

Yesterday was full of appointments, from team coffee to planning for the online playscheme in February.

Today has been an admin day and I drove to do a SD present swap (contrary to what I said a couple of weeks ago, it turns out that posting every single Christmas present is hugely expensive!).

The Little Win this week was getting the Christmas Fair organised and up on Facebook. As you know, I’ve been feeling very drained and I got to the point where I didn’t think it would happen. But I photographed everything, created a spreadsheet with prices and so far it seems to be going down well. At this point, we have raised £71 that we wouldn’t otherwise have got – every little helps!

My Weekly Star is Carolyn who works for the deanery and has helped and encouraged me to put together a funding application for our outreach event on New Years Eve.

That’s it from me! We are off to buy a fire. Our living room has no fire or mantelpiece which seems very odd, so we are going to The Range to buy an electric fire so we can take it with us when we leave here.

Bye for now!

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