Weekly Check-in (81)

It’s Friday night, I’m in bed and very much looking forward to another sleep in tomorrow!

This week gets 6/10.

Sunday was really good. I had prepared a sermon and, although before the service started I wasn’t feeling very confident, by the end I was quite pleased how it went. Nathan came with me to the cabin and he said how nice it was to be in a service and not worry about being in charge!

On Monday, I got up, dressed, sat at my desk and just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. It was the first time since the those early weeks of pregnancy that I just had no energy at all. In the end, I answered a few emails, took some phone calls, had a chat with my cell group and ended up back in bed. I felt very guilty at the time, but actually, I need to cut myself some slack. Things are hard, pregnancy is lovely but draining, and sometimes we all deserve an afternoon in bed.

Tuesday was much more productive. I did five Food Pantry deliveries, had my first meeting with a potential ordinand, got lots of stuff done and attended a diocesan meeting on Living in Love and Faith in the evening. Wednesday was Foodbank (we fed 14 people) followed by three meetings and more prep for the rest of the week.

Yesterday involved delivering newsletters, chatting to a couple of people on doorsteps and the first Starting Theology session of the year. This is a course for people thinking about becoming vicars and it gives them a taste of theological education. I think this is my third year helping on the course and I always really enjoy it. I was nervous about it being on Zoom because a. what if the technology failed? and b. what if the attendees didn’t get to connect like they normally do? But I needn’t have worried. It went really well and people looked to get on okay with it, although it’s hard to tell over Zoom!

Today I have done very little apart from go for a walk, listen to the musicals special on Radio 2 and play a new game on my phone. It’s been lovely.

The Weekly Star is Ray who came to the Good Shepherd on Wednesday afternoon to install our new snazzy tea urn so that we didn’t have to pay somebody to do it. Our last boiler was tripping all the electrics whenever we turned it on, and with thanks to Liz who spotted a great deal on ebay and a very generous donor, we have a working urn again! All we need now is for everybody to be vaccinated, cases to fall, restrictions to lift and then we can all enjoy a nice cup of tea together!

My Little Win this week when I was posting a newsletter through a letterbox. As I was walking back down the drive, the door opened and the person said ‘I’ve been feeling ever so rubbish, and when I saw you I just knew God had sent you to me today!’. This is actually nothing to do with me really, it’s just one of those occasions where God put me in the right place at the right time! But I am very grateful for beautiful moments like that in ministry.

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