Weekly Check-in (83)

Hooray for Friday! And happy birthday to fellow blogger and excellent friend Believing Healthy!

It’s very late, and with one thing and another, I’ve ended up doing a lot of work the past couple of days! So I’m going to be quick.

I give this week 6/10.

It’s involved lots of phonecalls, PCC, zoom meetings, planning the Ash Wednesday service, prepping the Lent course, painting little stones in ashes and covering them with varnish, getting ready for the holiday club next week, a funeral and accompanying prep, list writing and admin. We had a bit of a stressful day on Monday which meant that everything else for the week backed up. I definitely need to try and get a bit further ahead with stuff!

The Weekly Star is somebody who was taken into hospital but on the way in, asked her family to wait a moment so that she could give some money to a homeless person sat outside. How amazing.

Right, off to bed!

Write soon 🙂

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