Weekly Check-in (88)

Hooray for Friday! Sorry it’s late. We’ve been off today and so I had a nap earlier, which means I’m quite awake now!

So this week is getting: 8/10.


The mothering Sunday service which was very informal with messages from people across the community.

Speaking with lovely funeral families.

Lots of post arriving for me to open tomorrow!


The biggest challenge of this week was needing to make a decision about parental leave – more about that to come at some point.


Marking assignments. It turns out that I don’t find that as fulfilling as I thought I would.

God moment:

Spending time in the church building, praying for our community.

Ta-Dah Moment:

Closing the church electoral roll for review and seeing that we have three new names on the list.

Mum moment:

Noticing that the baby seems to kick more during particularly grisly Bible readings than any other time. Not quite sure what to make of this!

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