Weekly Check-in (87)

Happy Friday night!

It’s late and I have some Lie To Me to binge so I’m doing things a little differently tonight!

Weekly rating: 7/10


20 week scan on Monday where we saw baby wriggling around and doing what seemed to be somersaults!

A colleague reaching out to talk about vicaring as a Mum.

Booking a stay in one of our favourite places for a holiday, Combermere Abbey.


Difficult conversations about the number of people we can fit in The Good Shepherd for a funeral.


Admin. Emails. How can I got out for a few hours and when I return to my desk have 25 new emails?!

Unexpected joy:

My church council completely have my back. PCC was great.

God moment:

Singing Great Is Thy Faithfulness in St Giles while Nathan got ready to record the service.

Ta-Dah Moment (Completely stolen from Mrs Hinch):

Ordering T Shirts for our new(ish) Foodbank volunteers. That one has been on my To Do list for a while!

More next time, do let me know what you think of a shorter, snappier Weekly Check-in!

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