Weekly Check-in (86)

Hello Friday!

This week is getting 7/10 and I will tell you why. Although there have been some sad and tough moments, overall, I am having a very odd pregnancy symptom which is this: laughing so much at almost nothing at all. Honestly, it’s very strange. From asking Nathan to warm up some curry, to the shape of the roof on top of a house by the hospital, to the sarcastic commentary on Celebs Go Dating, I am finding things much funnier than I usually would.

But, I am also feeling things a lot more overall. On Wednesday, I helped in leading the funeral of one of the wardens from my curacy. From the day I was first interviewed at Holy Trinity, to the day I left when he and his wife gave my a gift bag full of gin themed goodies, Richard was there to support, encourage and teach. He was funny, kind and incredibly gifted. Like me, he was a fan of theatre, although he was a much more accomplished actor, director and writer than I will ever be! He was also the first ever star in my weekly check-in updates. Being involved in his funeral was a huge honour that I wouldn’t have missed. It was beautiful and sad in equal measure, and I cried during the eulogy and also as we walked out at the end, setting at least a couple of other people off. So, apologies for that.

The rest of my week has been as varied as it normally is. On Saturday evening, I attended a murder mystery Hen Party on Zoom and dressed up as the wicked witch complete with green face paint and witches hat.


On Sunday, I led the service and Monday involved three meetings and shed loads of admin. On Tuesday, I was out delivering wool and prayer walking followed by a chat with the Archdeacon and a meeting with a funeral family over zoom. I’ve delivered thank you gifts to Foodbank volunteers, created a new annual tick list of things that need doing in parish and I have prayed with some GPs from a local surgery via Zoom. I’ve also been typing up minutes, getting started on Easter prep and being nurse to Nathan, who isn’t feeling his best after his vaccine.

The weekly star, although it is a woefully inadequate award for such a person, is Ruth, Richard’s wife. She gave the most beautiful eulogy with such strength, grace and love. A true star.

More next time.

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