Holy Week 2021: Monday

8.25am Good Morning! It’s that time of the week where we are officially another week pregnant! The app on my phone give us a load of new info and we watch a couple of videos on YouTube together before getting up. Apparently today baby is about 30cm long, the size of a Christmas yule log or a chinchilla!

Anyway, today I’ve got a chat with my Cell Group, I’m hosting a daily reflection and later on all clergy are invited to attend the Chrism service online. The video of the service goes live at 10.30 but I’ll be catching up in the afternoon.

11.40am oh I do love my Cell Group! They are a great bunch. It’s wonderful to have people to encourage and listen to me! Very shortly I’ll be going live on Facebook for the first of the Holy Week reflections. I’ll put a link below.

Holy Week Reflection for Monday

12.48pm That was fun! We’ve been thinking about people who encountered Jesus throughout Lent, and this week we are focusing on those who he met in the run up to his death. Today, I spoke about Malchus. Not a very well known Bible character but in essence, the guy who had his ear cut off by a disciple! Even in the anxiety and violence of that moment, Jesus brought calm and healing. I’m really looking forward to the reflections the rest of the week.

This morning I have also put the first baby wash on! We have been collecting washable nappies when we’ve seen them at a good price and recently we have gathered enough for a wash! I don’t think I’m nesting quite yet, but washing the nappies in gorgeous smelling fairy and seeing them hung up on the line has brought me such joy today! I’m not sure how long joy about washing nappies will last for though…

1.30pm We have just finished watching the online chrism communion service. In non-Covid times, the clergy of the diocese gather in the Cathedral for the service where we receive communion and the special oils used at baptism, anointing and chrism are presented. We also renew the vows we made at our ordinations. Obviously, this year, we’ve all watched from our own homes but, for me, it was no less powerful. It was also nice to sit and have lunch with Nathan as we watched, like we normally do after the Chrism service.

Chrism at home

4.10pm Nathan and I are having a little trip out. At about half three, we both said we were going out and, as it turned out, pretty much to the same place! Nathan needed to go to Anfield to pick up some ashes and I needed to go to church to pick up the baptism folder. We may as well go together, cut down on petrol costs and have a chat as we go!

6.00pm We have just got back and I am going to christen the new wok I got from Mum & Dad for my birthday. I’ve chosen to cook pad thai, something we both enjoy. I’ll let you know how it goes.

10.02pm Well, Nathan had two bowls of pad thai and said that it might become a regular favourite! I’ve finished for the day now and I’m off to bed. I feel good for getting some stuff done this afternoon but there’s still more to be sorted tomorrow.