Holy Week 2021: Tuesday

8.25am I suspect that this will be the quietest day of Holy Week this year. I only have one thing in my diary! But there is still lots to do. So you’re welcome to read along as I polish off different bits and bobs that are needed at the end of the week. The day has begun with a cup of tea, a load of washing and putting the dishwasher on. I’m now at my desk doing emails before morning prayer at 9.

10.37am. Morning prayer was lovely today. We had a similar reading to the one at the chrism service yesterday, about Jesus telling his disciples that a true leader is a servant. It also included that bit where Malchus gets his ear chopped off! We were all impressed by how loving and compassionate Jesus was in that moment.

I’ve finished editing a video for Sunday and I’m going to put a load of washing on the line. I’m then going to finish tweaking the service for Sunday before heading off to Food Pantry to do deliveries.

12.13pm The car is loaded up with food parcels – there are six to deliver in total. I take parcels to people who can’t get out due to shielding or because they struggle to get out for some other reason. The people pay £3.50 for around £15-20 worth of food. The food comes from a variety of sources, often when it would otherwise get put into landfill. It’s a win win! If you have a local pantry, do think about joining.

3.21pm I am back home after Food Pantry. I’ve also done a load of printing at church. There are very few things as satisfying as a pile of freshly printed orders of service! At The Good Shepherd we have a member of our congregation with very limited sight. This person needs things things printed in size 72 font and we have a load of folders which act as their hymn book. I was so impressed with the Good Shepherd when I arrived because this was already in place. It’s so inclusive! So, as well as printing the orders of service as designed, I’ve made a super big one too, as you can see!

3.48pm Oh, isn’t this weather glorious?! I didn’t expect it, but it’s just stunning! Right now, Nathan and I are sat in the garden with our laptops. Nathan has a beer and I have an iced latte from our local coffee shop, Petrichore. I am finishing off reflections for the rest of the week, and Nathan is updating the service for Thursday.

5.22pm One reflection down, one to go!

7.32pm The second reflection is done and tea is in the oven! We are having the baked tomato and feta cheese pasta which went viral on tictok. Apparently, in Finland, the shops actually ran out of feta because so many people were making this dish! We’ve used this method a few times, having a different cheese each time. Today we’ve gone for goats cheese! It’s very easy and super quick.

8.30pm Oooh, it turned out good! I’m becoming slightly obsessed with this tea, it’s so tasty!

I’m clocking off now. More tomorrow!