Holy Week 2021: Wednesday

8am Morning! It’s Foodbank day. I’ll be off shortly to go and open up. We will be slightly down on volunteer numbers today so if it gets busy we will be running around a bit!

9.10am So I’m here at Foodbank and I’ve got a migraine. I might have got up too quickly. But the rest of the team are arriving so all shall be well.

11.18am it isn’t too busy this morning so I’m checking all the use by dates. Sometimes we get sent stuff that has been at the back of people’s cupboards, which is fine, but we have to be careful that nothing goes out of date. We aren’t allowed to give out of date food as part of a Foodbank parcel but we can give people the option to take it if they want to. Today, I’ve been through most of the stock, found the things that are out of date and put them on a table for people to help themselves.

12.50 I’m back home now and I think that because I fought the migraine this morning, it’s making a come back.

5.00pm the migraine did indeed come back with vengeance and it stopped play for most of the afternoon. About an hour ago, we went off to The Range to buy things for baptism parcels for The Good Shepherd. The deanery has kindly given each church £100 to do some kind of outreach over the Easter season. I’ve been so tired recently so I haven’t had the energy to put on an event.

Instead, my church has decided to give a goody bag to each of the baptism families who have had the service cancelled over the past year. In it, there will be some craft stuff, chocolate buttons, a cream egg, a little sheep and a card which says how much we are looking forward to hosting their baptism when we can. I’ll put the bags together tonight or tomorrow and then get them delivered. But for now, I’m off for a quick walk to try and shift this headache.

8.20pm The headache is easing with help from icy water, a chat with my family and Nathan’s excellent fajitas!

9.05pm I’ve done some gentle jobs, mainly tidying and hoovering my study, prepping the bags for tomorrow and doing the calligraphy in the Book of Remembrance.

Practising the letter ‘E’

10.48pm Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the annual Holy Week panic! This happens each year and it is different each time. Something that is seemingly simple becomes horribly complicated and stressful. This year, I give you, the 20 page A5 order of service booklet for St Giles Maundy Thursday service!

Nathan has been working so hard on this. He showed it to me yesterday and it’s a lovely order of service, well thought out with pictures and explanations so that everybody knows what’s going on. At about half 9 he said he was popping over to church to print off some booklets. But the creating of an order of service and the printing of it are two different matters!

He came back an hour and a half later very stressed and looking for help because, and if somebody knows then would you please tell me, how do you format a 10 page document so it will print as a 20 page A5 booklet?! ‘Save as PDF and ask it to print as booklet’ I hear you cry, well neither Nathan nor I can make our laptops connect to the church photocopiers and the printers in our studies won’t do it either.

So, we’ve googled how to do it, found a sketchy looking graphic and painstakingly copied and pasted each page into the correct order onto a new document. It’s something I struggle to get my head around. My brain just isn’t built that way. Anyway, the new booklet is currently printing. Moment of truth coming up!

11pm we’ve done it! By jove, we’ve done it! Not the night I was expecting, but at least it’s done now!

The baptism bags are half prepped but I can finish them in the morning. This is my favourite bit about them!

More tomorrow.