Weekly Check-in (90)

The week after Easter always feels so delightfully quiet after Holy Week, even if the diary is actually quite full and there’s lots to be caught up on!

This week gets 7/10. It would have been 8/10 if it hadn’t have been for the sad news of today.

The highlights from this week include:

Communion outside on Easter Day. It was glorious, and not just because of the streaming sun! It was great to be together and to sing!

Being 24 weeks pregnant. It feels like a big milestone for some reason.

It was quiet at Foodbank which gave me the opportunity to have a lovely chat to my warden and treasurer.

Challenge: I attended a course called ‘Benefits for non-benefit advisors’. It’s basically a course which explains the benefits system to people who aren’t in the system themselves and so might not have any experience of benefits. The course was good but I’ve been challenged by how complicated the benefits system is! I definitely don’t have a good grasp on it, but I do think I can point people in the right direction to get the help they need.

Drain: Post-Easter fatigue and lockdown fatigue are both very real things!

God moment: When I heard about Prince Philip today, I prayed for the Royal Family in their grief. It is always a huge honour to pray for people as they mourn, and especially when those people do so in such a public way. I pray for peace, for comfort and for God’s presence to be tangible for the Queen and her family.

Ta-Dah Moment: I finally got around to starting my maternity cover spreadsheet!

Mum moment: Dino’s kicks are now so strong that sometimes when I hug Nathan he can feel the baby kick! It’s super cool and a bit scary.

One thought on “Weekly Check-in (90)

  1. I don’t comment, but enjoy reading your blog – especially as Nathan is priest at a church fairly local to my mum – I went to Aintree Davenhill school, and my mum goes to Old Roan Methodist Church. Wishing you both well as you journey on towards parenthood.


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