Weekly Check-in (93)

Happy Friday, and happy bank holiday weekend peeps!

This week has been much better than last, it’s getting 8.5/10. I have had more energy this week and with thanks to new curtains in our bedroom, I am sleeping much better!

So, the highlights:

Getting a new photocopier installed in church.

Going to IKEA and buying some more baby furniture and curtains.

This morning I had a lovely time answering the door to parishioners, taking delivery of the cot bed and talking about a wedding which we will be watching online on Sunday!

This weeks challenge: taking a PCC while I developed a migraine.

Drain: Negotiating the many Covid guidelines for various events. I’m so ready to not be thinking about the rule of six, social distancing and how to offer hospitality when refreshments aren’t allowed.

God moment: I had a great time at the joint service on Sunday morning. The weather was gorgeous and people seemed to be in a great, even slightly giddy, mood! I could feel God was with us as we worshipped and I thoroughly enjoyed preaching as well.

Ta-Dah moment: It’s not really my moment, but the moment of my friend David from Formby. David has helped me more than half fill the rota when I’m on leave! I feel so relieved for knowing that the rota is more than half done – 20 services organised, 17 to go!

Mum moment: I think that the baby is really starting to respond to sounds. When I do anything loud near my stomach, like rip up a cardboard box of fill my car up with petrol, the baby kicks!

I’m off to Church to check on the music we have available for a funeral next week, and then I’m clocking off and going to Asda.

More next time!

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