Weekly Check-in (94)

Happy Friday everyone! I am giving this week 5/10. It seems to have started off great and slowly dipped.

But the highlights include:

Finishing the nursery on Saturday.

An outdoor meal with friends on Saturday night.

A wedding via Youtube on Sunday afternoon.

A super productive day on Tuesday.

The challenge of the week: Well, yesterday I fell over in the garden like an utter idiot (more about that in a pregnancy blog). But I was on my way to a funeral so I didn’t have much time to feel sorry for myself or lick my wounds, and it took a lot of concentration to ignore the pain as I led the coffin in and out of the service.

The drain: just trying to get my head around all the changes in marriage registration rules.

God moment: Seeing one of my friends, who I have prayed for regularly, seem so completely and utterly happy on her wedding day.

Ta-Dah Moment: finishing the risk assessment for reopening on Sunday. So dull, but so necessary, and a huge weight lifted when completed!

Mum moment: feeling Dino kick a few minutes after I had fallen flat in the garden! Praise the Lord!

Tonight we are going back to Formby for an evening of food and good company. I am very pleased that the weather has improved since this morning!

See you next week.

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