Weekly Check-in (95)

Hello and happy Friday!

This week is getting 7/10, and here are the highlights:

Another really lovely evening with friends in their garden.

We reopened for worship on Sunday, and it was absolutely lovely! There was a great atmosphere and we had a record breaking 18 in attendance. The average congregation was 14 before lockdown, and so 18 feels like a huge increase!

Getting excited about my installation next week!

Ducks waddling through the garden to the canal.

The challenge this week was feeling a bit over-faced. I think that my fall in the garden last week has shaken me a bit, and I am finding that I have far less energy. My body has been trying to send me to bed at 7.45 every evening this week, which is weird for me because I am normally such a night owl!

Drain: housework! How does it mount up so quickly?!

God moment: So, to cut a long story short, an inspection of the church building was done back in 2019 and the accompanying report came to light a few months ago. For some reason, nobody on the church council seemed to know about it and, as it was estimated that we would have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on the building, it has caused a huge amount of stress and worry. I have literally lost sleep over this report, but I have always been absolutely certain that God has called me to the church, and that He has not called me to let it go bankrupt or close it. However, at a meeting this week. we were told that we were sent the wrong report! There is work to be done, but the cost of it isn’t going to break the bank. I am so relieved and very grateful to God!

Ta-Dah Moment: I’ve been meaning to put together a spreadsheet of the music we have available in church for ages. As we can’t sing at the moment, there seems very little point in paying for an organist. So this week, I finally started the spreadsheet (you know how much I love a spreadsheet) and it feels good to have made a start.

Foodbank: After being quiet for a few weeks, this week was busier and we fed 25 people.

Mum moment: Today when I was taking funeral, the baby gave a huge kick right as You’ll never walk alone started to play at the end. It really made me jump! Do you think this baby knows which team Daddy and both Grandads support, by any chance?!

That’s it from me. It’s 8.20pm, which is well past my new bedtime! More next week x

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