Weekly Check-in (97)

Happy Friday – blimey, aren’t the weeks flying by?!

This week is getting 7/10.

Highlights include:

Writing a new order of service for Sunday. I am loving putting liturgy together at the moment!

A lovely chat with the mother of a child I am baptising at the weekend.

Being told by the dentist that everything looks great!

Booking in baptisms for the next few weeks.

The challenge this week was prepping for the next session of Living in Love and Faith. I always make sure I watch a session ahead of leading it and I’m glad I did, because this one threw up a couple of big questions for me.

Drain: honestly, I am so achy and tired. My brain is working fine but my body is slowing me down and it’s really annoying.

God Moment: Sometimes at a baptism service, I write the child a letter and read it out to them instead of giving a talk. The idea is that they can read it when they are older, learn why we baptised them and what it means. I worked out that the last baptism I did was in October 2019, and writing a letter for the weekend reminded me how much I’ve missed it! What a privilege.

Ta-Dah Moment: It might have taken a couple of hours, but I photographed all the donations for the church fair, logged them all and put them in an album on our Facebook page. It was a job that had been weighing on me for a while, but I got there!

Foodbank: This week, we were visited by some missionary sisters, which was lovely! Our team took them under their wing and showed them what to do. We gave out packages to feed 14 people.

Mum moment: when the monitor arrived and I realised that we have now made all our big purchases!

See you next time.

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