Weekly Check-in (98)

I can’t actually believe that it’s Friday again already! Time is certainly starting to fly. I give this week 6/10.

The highlights:

A lovely trip to Stockport to see some of our favourite people!

Doing my first baptism in over 18 months on Sunday.

Having a lazy day on Tuesday (because I accidentally booked a PCC meeting for Monday night).

This week’s challenge was feeling fairly hot and very heavy. I’m starting to struggle.

The drain has been waiting for a big funeral to be confirmed. It’s not anybody’s fault, but waiting can be difficult.

God moment: the little girl I baptised on Sunday was so lovely and engaged. She danced when the music was on and she seemed to enjoy being in the space. Afterwards, when she was leaving, she pointed to the font and said ‘more!’. That’s just what I like to see!

Ta-dah Moment: getting everything organised for the summer fair tomorrow and finishing washing all the 0-3 month clothes we’ve been given for baby!

Foodbank: it’s quite quiet at the moment, this week we fed nine people.

Mum moment: I felt stupidly proud when the midwife said that the heartbeat was perfect!

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