Weekly Check-in (99)

Oh my, what a week.

This is where trying to blog honestly and openly falls down, because sometimes confidential stuff arises which it would be inappropriate to share, but has had a huge hand in shaping my week.

So, I am giving this week 4/10.

There has been some really tough stuff. Safeguarding issues, a very tricky funeral for Nathan, the funeral of a murder victim for me. It’s just been non-stop. Last night, Nathan got in at 6 and said ‘shall we just have five minutes to talk over the past few days?’ because we just kept missing each other. I love ministry, and I wouldn’t change anything about this week because some of it was very rewarding, but blimey, it was draining!

But anyway, the highlights:

Taking a service with the very lovely David from Formby on Sunday morning. It was a joy to be up front together again after such a long time and a very sudden end to my curacy!

A little boy asking me if he could ‘please be bapper-tised now’ when he came to church for baptism prep with his Mum and Dad.

The church fair on Saturday went really well, and we raised nearly £500!

Challenge: hard to pick just one, but the funeral yesterday was tough because it was so very, very sad.

Drain: just the whole thing!

God moment: As I’ve been prayer walking (more like prayer driving nowadays), I’ve been thinking about how I long to see the Holy Spirit come down like rain. Speaking to another person about their prayers for the same area, and they have had the very same vision!

Ta-Dah Moment: sermon writing for when I get back off leave next week.

Foodbank: I’ve no idea. I opened up and went back home to bed because I was so tired!

Mum moment: even in the middle of some super stressful stuff, this baby just does their own thing. They aren’t bothered what’s going on outside. They kick when they want to kick and reposition themselves when they want to do that, regardless of what I’m doing. It’s reassuring and a little bit disconcerting.

Very much looking forward to some annual leave next week!

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