Weekly Check-in (100)

Oh my, 100 weekly check-ins! How time flies when you’re having fun!

And this blog couldn’t have fallen on a better week – I’m giving it a most excellent 10/10!

We got back home today after a week in the gorgeous Cemaes Bay in Anglesey. If you read last week’s blog, you will know that we had an absolute swearword of a week. It was hot and heavy and an utter nightmare, quite frankly. When we left on Friday afternoon, it felt like we were escaping by the skin of our teeth. We stuck the dishwasher on, threw a few things in a case and legged it.

But I have never known us both go from being so stressed and tired to being so completely chilled so quickly. The holiday could not have been better timed. We arrived in Cemaes at about 5.30 and Nathan was in the hot tub within the hour.

We were away with my family in the cottage we have stayed in before. The rest of the week involved amazing food, great company, walks, naps and paddling. The weather was very kind to us and I felt much better for being somewhere less humid. Everybody felt the baby kick (including the dog, who didn’t seem very impressed) and I have to say that pregnancy suits me a lot better when I have nothing to do and more people on hand to help! Roll on parental leave, I say! Just 16 days to go (not that I’m counting).

To top the week off beautifully, we are off to a wedding tomorrow. I am preaching for one of our good friends from college, which is a huge honour and a tad terrifying! But mostly, I’m really looking forward to it. Once the match is over this evening, I need to get straight to bed to be well rested for the morning.

More next time!

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