Weekly Check-in (101)

Pfft, work is hard when you’re hot, pregnant and you can’t stop thinking about housework (nesting).

Anyway, happy Friday, This week gets 6/10.


A baptism on Sunday. It really is so refreshing to do a baptism after the year we’ve had!

Brunch today with a good friend.

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful.

Having lunch in Chester yesterday with Granny and Grandpa felt just like old times!

Challenge: lack of hot tub and sun after the delightful holiday last week.

Drain: I just want to clean and nap and clean and nap. I’ve really struggled to concentrate on anything more than that!

God moment: watching a lovely couple at their wedding rehearsal tonight – those vows really do feel so holy and full of love.

Ta-Dah moment: Buying a robot hoover. Genuinely life changing!

Foodbank: This week the team helped to feed 18 people.

Mum moment: Suddenly seeing (and holding!) babies and thinking that mine will be here in not too long!

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