Weekly Check-in 104

I don’t like to be a Negative Nellie but this week is getting 3/10.

That being said, there were some highlights:

Receiving a huge freezer meal parcel from my mother-in-law.

We went for our 38 week appointment and despite headaches, vision changes and sickness, my blood pressure, my urine (sorry) and baby’s heart rate are all great.

Finding an amazing online antenatal class.

Isolation finishing on Tuesday night.

Our Union is excellent.

Challenge: Like I said, I do try to be positive, but hearing that we cannot have Shared Parental Leave in the way we wanted, with thirteen days before our due date, was more than a challenge. Hearing that the plans I have put in place for months 6-9 may all change and knowing that I have no way to prepare my church for it (as my leave has begun), was more than a challenge. It was disappointing, infuriating, left me in tears and having a panic attack. Admittedly, the panic attack did come later in the day and it was triggered by bugs in the kitchen (what a horrible time of year), but as I haven’t had a panic attack in many months, it will have been spurred on by the conversation about Parental Leave earlier on.

Drain: the bloody heat. The last time I felt this uncomfortable, I was in Burundi in August and it was 44 degrees.I am also nearly twice as heavy as I was then! ANd apparently it’s going to be hotter next week. Somebody is having a laugh.

Oh, and also not knowing where I’ll be giving birth due to a baby boom and a huge shortage of midwives across the Liverpool hospitals, was also a bit draining.

Ta-Dah moment: getting the light up in the nursery, finishing upcycling the baby’s laundry basket and organising the freezer.

Mum moment: So you know that panic attack about bugs? It turns out that my instinct was bang on. The next morning, I worked out that there was a wasps nest in a gap in the brickwork next to the spare room window – bravo for my Mum instinct! There was an unwelcome nest in my nest and I knew it! Somebody came out and sorted it yesterday morning. I mean, since then, I’ve noticed there’s another one the other side of the window, but hey, at least part of the problem is sorted…

God moment: While sat outside, perched on the wall, noticing the second wasps nest, as gutting as that was, the groups of birds playing in the summer evening sky were absolutely beautiful. There may well be bits of creation I don’t like (bugs), but there’s a lot more good than bad.

*chants*: There’s more good than bad, there’s more good than bad.

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