Weekly Check-in 105

Very little to report this week: 6/10!

Things feel so much better than last week, but there is no denying that this weather is tough!

Anyway, the highlights include:

Having a BBQ with our goddaughter and her parents on Saturday.

Going to St Peter’s on Sunday to hear Nathan preach – it was so lovely to be back!

A curry with Nathan’s family for his birthday.

Skype withe a lovely friend from College.

Frappuccinos with a colleague and good friend.

The arrival of a Cote at Home box today from my friends in Norris Green. It was just so lovely and unexpected! We have had the meal this evening, although there are still some tasty pastries for breakfast in the morning!

Challenge AND drain: a heatwave when I’m 39 weeks pregnant! It’s just another level of hot. I have never been so grateful to own a fridge-freezer with an ice machine!

Ta-Dah Moment: I actually can’t think of one – it’s been too hot to do very much!

Mum moment: We have officially transferred hospitals this week and I just feel so much better about it. We went for a new booking in appointment and we didn’t feel rushed or like an inconvenience. It was definitely the right move for us.

God moment: I’m just so grateful for everybody’s prayers. I feel very uplifted and supported.

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